Three Things

Personal Worship Tool #2 – Three Things

1.     Write the date and focus passage at the top of your journal page.  (see the Dialoguing recipe for more information on a focus passage.)

2.     Now list 3 or more things that are most on your mind today…maybe a struggle, a concern, a relationship conflict, or a new opportunity.

3.     Pray. Surrender those things to God and ask Him to speak to you through His Word.

4.     Read your focus passage and answer the following question (preferably in writing in your journal: "What does God say to ME in this passage?"  (in particular, with regard to one of the three things that you wrote at the top of the page)

5.     End in prayer and talk to God about what he has just said to you…if nothing else, THANK Him for speaking to you. Sometimes, when I am struggling, my prayer is “God, I am going to read and re-read this UNTIL You speak to me…I NEED to hear from You today, Lord. When you finish, remember the cross and resurrection! Find joy and peace in knowing that Jesus makes you perfect in God's sight!

6.     The next morning, re-read or reflect on what you studied the day before, and then begin on another focus passage using this or another personal worship tool "recipe".

7.     See an example of this recipe in action in my online personal worship journal Pita Pockets.

            *credit to the beautiful Cathy B. for first sharing this tool with me through discipleship